Building experts. Real people.

Build with Casa Construction and you’ll feel the full support of our entire team.

Our team is also made up of master¬†builders, industry specialists and people with deep knowledge across the sector. It’s also made up of real people; people who genuinely care about doing a great job.

As a team we work together, pulling in the same direction, to meet the same goals; building projects completed to the highest standard, in time, on budget and offering full support to our clients. We pride ourselves on creating great relationships with all our clients, celebrating as a team at the end of each project, stage and milestone.

As well as our management team Casa Construction is lucky enough to have fantastic administration support, trusted supplier networks and excellent working relationships with our sub-contractors.   Please feel free to contact Casa Construction to learn more about our broader team

The Owners

Casa Construction is owned and operated by Jeff Root, Phil Badger and Kelly Root. All three are involved in the day to day running of the business and passionate about quality service and quality construction.

Jeff has over 25 years experience in building, quantity surveying, sales management and general management across the construction industry. Partnering with his wife Kelly in the leadership and development of Casa Construction, their passion for quality customer service and relationships leads the culture of the business.

Kelly is passionate about people, evident in the relationships she develops with staff, customers and suppliers. Like Jeff, Kelly has spent a lot of her life surrounded by construction growing up with carpenters for a father and grandfather.

Phil has been with Casa Construction for day one as a Director and Shareholder. He brings a depth of financial experience in strategic management across many industries. His passion for people shows in his encouragement and support of the entire Casa team and through the numerous charities he supports, including the Casa Charitable Trust.

Our Team

Casa Construction is a family run business and our team is like our family. We stand by our values of quality, family and treating everyone the way we’d like to be treated at the heart of everything we do.

Key members of our team include:

  • Kathryn Brown: Our account extraordinaire. Kathryn’s strong financial focus works to ensure projects are completed to exceed both client and company expectations.
  • Gareth Fielder: One of Casa’s senior QS, Gareth’s professionalism ensures we work within a tight timeframe and budget without compromising quality.
  • Yah Luo: The other half of our senior QS team, Yan has an architectural and design background as well as being a qualified QS. Her unique perspective is invaluable to team as are her systems and team focus.
  • Mark Emberton: As our Contracts Manager, Mark is a valued member of our team, leading with a depth of technical knowledge.
  • Simon Sheridan: A Licensed Building Practitioner, Simon’s career has been mostly focussed on completing high-end homes throughout Christchurch . He has the eye and foresight to complete projects to the highest standard all while keeping a tight schedule. A perfect fit as one of our Construction Managers.
  • Shaun Hepburn: After years working as a Projecting manager in commercial construction, Shaun has re-entered the residential arena again as another of our Construction Managers. Shaun has extensive knowledge in construction and brings this to the table for every project.
  • Julie Willocks: Our communications expert, Julie is the link to our clients as the Sales & Contracts Administrator. Julie’s can-do attitude and passion for people shine through ensuring our customers experience the building process just that little bit better.