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Posted: May 13, 2019Tags: Category: Updates


They say ‘if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got’.

Our business embraces change. We love a challenge and thinking differently about things.  Being
around post-Christchurch earthquakes and working through the years that followed gave us an
incredible opportunity to hone our skills, and really work out what matters in the build process. It
changed how we approached our business day to day all with the aim of getting better and better
results for us and our clients.

Wanaka is well known as an epic playground and a popular destination for absentee homeowners.
People carve out their slice of this paradise; setting themselves up for a quieter life, retirement or a
bolthole from their daily lives elsewhere.  With endless things to do - whether it’s adventurous,
relaxing, wining and dining - the pull for tourists and locals is strong.

A year or so ago we were asked if we’d consider building a house for a client in Wanaka, we jumped
at the chance.  We went into it knowing it could be tricky. Being an out of towner and entering a new
market is hard in most places around New Zealand.  We’ve found this to be true in Wanaka. We don’t
have the long-standing relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, and the market is hot:
demand is out doing supply so somewhat understandably, supplier and subcontractors are more likely
to be loyal and go with who they know. Being new to a community can be daunting but we are talking
to people and building relationships. It'll take time but it’s happening.

For a range of reasons, there seems to be a supply delay in Wanaka - perhaps the flow on effect of all
the temptations around - skiing, biking :)  Unfortunately however this flow-on effect to the building
process and program management comes at a cost, often at the owner’s (client’s) expense. We’ve
built under challenging conditions for years and just couldn’t justify delays to our client's programme
or additional expenses just because it had become accepted in the area. For us, meeting quality, time
and cost promises is part of the reason we exist.

So yes there are challenges to entering a new market and setting up in Wanaka we have had
challenges and no doubt will continue to do so.  The key thing for us is to not let those challenges
inhibit our goal, it’s good fun problem solving, thinking about things differently and seeing the results
we can get for our clients.  Wanaka really is an awesome place and to help clients realise their dream
to build a home there feels great.

- Jeff

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