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The cleaning services for residential properties in Mentone will include bond cleaning in Mentone, Australia. The term of the lease generally ranges between three and eleven months and cleaning from this point forward will be agreed upon and contracted. Most clients choose to get end of lease cleaning Mentone because of the excellent air quality of the area. The main areas of concern with bond cleaning in Mentone include carpets that show signs of damage from furniture moving around and pets potentially getting into the house. There is also the concern for mold if there has been a substantial amount of moisture in the air resulting from a leaky roof. These issues are easily remedied when these problems are identified in advance of moving into the property.

I chose to get an end of lease cleaning Mentone because my new tenant moved in and didn’t have any pets and we were really careful about moisture in the house. He left a few days later and came back with a few pets and a bunch of things strewn throughout the house. I wasn’t worried about mold at first but then I looked through the photographs online and saw what was in the house so I called the guy up and asked him to take a look. He told me they had a cleaning company that cleans End of Lease buildings on site all the time and he went and took a look. The cleaning guy came back with two free boxes and a big bag of bubble wrap which he placed all over our living room and carpet.

He said it sounded like someone tried to kill their cat so we contacted the law enforcement authorities and an investigator was called out. An inspection of the premises revealed no evidence of animal damage or anything that could be construed as dangerous or harmful to anyone. The inspector further advised me that if my new tenant had a legitimate reason for wanting an end of lease cleaning Mentone then I would not have any problem with this because these house cleaning companies offer a free clean when your home is moving in and a bond cleaning after three months or when you ask them to remove any furniture and clean thoroughly. They also offer three day a week cleaning services and two week free general clean. They also offer a courtesy cleaning of your toilet every six weeks so I don’t have to worry about that.

I was very thankful to these guys because the bond cleaning was going to be hard work, especially for my tenants. I can tell you that my tenants are more eager to move in now than they have ever been. I had to hire a couple more people to help on the cleaning and I would have had to hire someone else to install the new floors and kitchen appliances because I have had to let some of the tenants move out because they couldn’t afford the house payments. The bond cleaning is going to be a lot of hard work but my tenants are willing to do it because it will improve the looks of their house and make their neighbors more comfortable.

They were really impressed with the services that I was offering. They recommended my services to all their friends who are in need of move out cleaning. The next time I had an end of lease situation, I called them up and explained to them how I was having problems with some of the tenants and suggested that they hire end of lease cleaning Mentone to take care of the carpet cleaning in the house.

The next time I had a problem with a tenant, I called them up and explained to them that since I had an end of lease in the house, I was going to need some help with getting them to move out. They actually agreed to help me with moving the people out and they set up a time to do it. They also set up a time to come back and vacuum the carpets and clean the house. Now they are happy tenants because I had them sign a contract with me when they moved in. Check out Local Melbourne Bond Cleaners at www.melbournebondcleaners.com.au today!

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