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Posted: September 23, 2019Category: Updates

Exceeding expectations…

Wow our expectations of Twizel are being exceeded almost daily.  It appears, the town that was previously thought of as a relatively sleepy place has got itself on the radar of those people in Christchurch and further south looking for a place to live, retire to, or build a holiday home.  And why not, with the lakes, ski fields, landscape, beauty and accessibility all in it’s favour it was only a matter of time before this little gem was discovered.

With a number of subdivisions happening in the area, people looking for a section have a few options.  This isn’t going to be a beige, same same, uniform place. We are seeing a great mix of homes in the planning.  From small architecturally designed baches to large multi million dollar homes all with a focus on beautiful design and quality.  

We are building for a number of architects from Christchurch, with clients based in Christchurch, Dunedin, Arrowtown and much further afield.  This is exciting, to be at the forefront of the changing face of Twizel. To see it evolving in a way that is well thought out, design led and with a long term view.  Building using quality materials that suit the lifestyle and landscape of the area.  

Where will Twizel be in ten years time?  Watch this space. We will be here and are happily committed to being a part of the change.