Is change the only constant? | Casa Construction
Posted: November 18, 2019Category: Updates

Is change the only constant?

They say the only constant is change.  We’ve seen a lot of changes in the building industry over the years and aim to always stay a step ahead of the changing market.  Our idea of what our business should be is always at the forefront of all our decisions and changes that we make. We want to be balanced, fun, have an impact and above all, be agile, quality driven and always focus on the customer. 

2019 has been a year of changes in both the market and our business. The idea of what our business ‘should be’ has not changed though, but it has got harder to maintain.  

Like most in our industry, we’ve seen a decline in the Christchurch market: a natural consequence of the earthquake rebuild work tailing off.  It’s great news that this kind of work is declining (go Christchurch!) but the spike in new businesses during the rebuild phase has definitely increased pressures as the amount of work flowing in, decreases. 

The increasingly volatile market obviously makes it harder to get the balance right.  We’ve spent a lot of 2019 working out how to build a business that is more able to flex and change as the market changes. 

Being agile for Casa is both about how we structure our team to best support our clients achieve their dreams, while still working to meet their budgets. Our expansion into new markets - Wanaka and Twizel - has allowed us to maintain our Canterbury hub and, as much as we can, continue to support our team. 

We’ve talked a lot about Twizel this year and it’s genuinely an exciting place to build right now. We’re proud of the time we’ve spent creating sustainable supply chains, building relationships with local and nearby suppliers. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of exceptional architects and clients who want to bring beautiful, well crafted buildings to life. 

Wanaka is a step further from Twizel.  It’s been a challenge to replicate the same systems and operational support that we have in Twizel,  but we’ve learned a lot.  We are looking forward to working with the awesome clients we’ve connected with in the deep south.  

We have always held the view that having work in multiple regions was a sensible business decision, for us this means a percentage of work outside of the Christchurch market. Doing this spreads volatility across the income stream. But this is balanced with the challenges of working remotely and emphasises the need for key people.

Those key people are everything.  We have recently shuffled responsibilities and streamlined processes.  This has overall reduced our overheads in line with reduced workload and an ever changing dynamic.  The quality driven focus across the whole team and the creation of better balance has meant we are getting better at what we do behind the scenes.  This ultimately impacts the delivery of quality on site. We are always working incredibly hard to maintain and push to be better and better, in craftsmanship and customer experience.

And so yes change is constant, but for us it's not the only constant.  We embrace the change: the opportunity to evolve, to have an impact and maintain a balanced yet agile business. It is all part of the fun, and why we love doing what we do.  We love that, for the most part, the Christchurch building scene is rallying to support each other and look forward to the day when we can not only support our clients in other regions but also those closer to home.