Commercial Construction across Christchurch

Whether planning a Multi Unit Apartment complex or a new corner shop, we have the expertise and experience to manage the entire project for you

We undertake a wide range of commercial construction work across Christchurch. From tilt slab warehouses and factories to apartment complexes and townhouse developments; we manage all facets of the design, development and construction process.
We have a great level of support from our design team and subcontractors, whom collectively take pride in producing quality, well designed and constructed buildings that shape our community and add amenity value to their surroundings.
Specialising in negotiated contracts, Casa Construction ensures buildability and transparency, offering the client the advantage of working directly with the contractor throughout the build, selecting suppliers and sub-contractors on the basis of quality of workmanship, price and performance.

Buffon Street Apartments

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Exciting New Development for 2016

Randolph Apartments

Premier location: Kilmore street through to Peterborough superbly positioned adjacent the Town Hall, Victoria Square, the Avon River, Arts Precinct, Forte Health and the CBD.
The Randolph Apartments will offer upmarket residential living for intercity lifestylers.
Randolph Apartments