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Posted: August 28, 2019Category: Updates

Story of Jubilee

This job was impossible to say no to!  We had built an award winning home for this client before, during that build we had the pleasure of working with exceptional partners; the architect, interior design team and sub contractors.  To continue the relationship with these great people made for a great foundation for the project. Not to mention the spectacular landscape and the clients enthusiasm for the job and all it’s detail.  

Steep paddocks overlooking the Akaroa harbour, limited access and the remote location meant there were some challenges to work through before we began the actual build of this stunning home.  

The epic site required significant earthworks to prepare a building platform and driveway.  Over half the site was moved and repositioned. Access and delivery of materials was a challenge.  With some creative organisation and excellent communication, the site was transformed. Logistics were set up to manage the delivery and transport of supplies from the road to the building site.  This problem solving is a big part of what we love about our work and why clients choose an architectural builder, we’ve seen most things before and know we can work it out.

An hour from the office, this job was not remote in the true sense but the logistics meant we treated it as such.  The team stayed out at Wainui for most of the duration of the build, reducing travel time and maximising daylight hours.  The technology available now allows the distance and communication to be managed from afar. We used video, Facetime and Buildertrend to assist with communication, timely updates and decision making with the client and with head office.     

This job is the jewel in the crown of detail. It is a pleasure to work for a client who is incredibly engaged in the detail and involved in all decisions.  From the moment you catch site of this home the finishing and seamlessness is apparent. It’s the way all the minor detail comes together no matter how minor they feel at the time, the way the 100, 1000 or 2000 little things all seamlessly fit together.  

Considered detail and design, paired with open honest communication brought this dream home to life.  It is a true example of good relationships working together to build exceptional homes. It can be done!