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Posted: July 22, 2019Tags: Category: Updates


Twizel has held a special place in our hearts for a long time.  We’ve been holidaying here with friends, boating, fishing, exploring the stunning landscape.  It’s hard to beat being amongst the beauty on those crisp clear days.  The lakes - Ohau, Ruataniwha and Benmore - and damn good people are the bones of this area.  We’ve always loved it and had dreams of building a home there one day.  Now it’s happening.

We’re excited to make our mark on the area.  With our supply chain already tested and set up for Wanaka, it was an obvious next step to begin building in Twizel.  It’s a slightly different approach for us here, we are building a house for ourselves first and then will see where things go.

There have been sections selling in Twizel for a while now, but it’s been hard to make that step to get a house built.  There are so few builders in town and those that are here are booked up for the foreseeable future.  This has made realising that dream to build your home difficult for landowners.

Our aim is to provide another option for landowners in Twizel.  Working closely with the local Placemakers, we can put together the total package that we need to get a house built.  We’ve got a long-standing relationship with the awesome crew at Placemakers in Christchurch which has made setting up operations with Placemakers in Twizel easy.  It’s really important to us that we support local business and contribute to growth in the local economy, in terms of both jobs and capital investment.  We’re excited about the potential this partnership has for both Casa and Placemakers in Twizel.

We are seeing a mix of both traditional holiday homes and high-end architectural homes being built in Twizel.  It is exciting for us to be part of the outstanding design and craftsmanship that is unfolding.  We’re working with Architects from Christchurch and Nelson who are designing homes for clients in Twizel.

Together with Arthouse Architects we have collaborated to design a range of Mackenzie Country style homes that we can offer to our clients.  We are committed to building high spec beautifully designed homes within budget.  To achieve this we use our solution finding approach and detailed cost analysis to assist with the decision making throughout the design and build process.

Now that we have operations set up across three centres, Christchurch, Wanaka and now Twizel, we have a bit of flexibility with our resources.  We can scale up or scale down depending on demand, weather or other factors.  It’s a good place to be, we feel in a strong position to ‘weather any storm’ and be able to stick it out for the long haul.  We can see so much potential for the future of the building industry in Twizel and the surrounding area.  Growth and change are inevitable, it’s exciting, we are embracing the opportunity and although it may be a little daunting, we support the local community to do the same.  Bring it on!

- Jeff

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